Calls for 2% stamp duty cap
Independent TD Michael Fitzmaurice is putting forward a vote to cap stamp duty at 2% on the sale or transfer of farmland worth under €300,000.
14 June 2017 News
TDs defend farmers in splash-plate slurry debate
Banning splash plates is one of the options under consideration to meet ammonia targets, but TDs say this should be abandoned or funded through Government grants.
7 September 2016 News
Online BPS applications not the way forward - Fitzmaurice
With 70% of farmers now using the online application method, older farmers or those with little to no internet connection are now being considered negligible in the exclusion of postal applications.
Rural TDs drive a hard bargain
Government formation sees a strong rural emphasis in the programme for government.
11 May 2016 Dealer
Election reaction - getting the views
We asked four TDs what are the most important farming issues facing the new Dáil and next Government.
2 March 2016 News
My Farming Week: Michael Fitzmaurice, Williamstown, Co Galway
This week Patrick Donohoe speaks to newly elected TD Michael Fitzmaurice about his farming and contracting businesses.
30 November -0001 Farmer Writes
Government aims to have turf-cutting management system in place by 2017
Minister Heather Humphreys has said the government should have in place a workable system for the management of turf cutting in special areas of conservation by 2017.
30 November -0001 News
TDs go to Brussels over flooding crisis
A number of TDs have arranged a meeting with the Environment Commission in Brussels to clarify the alleged role of European directives in preventing the execution of flooding defence initiatives.
30 November -0001 News
'Take the power out of the factories' - Fitzmaurice
As the election campaign nears an end, we join Independent candidate and farmer, Michael Fitzmaurice, during canvassing to discuss farming, rural issues and the Independent Alliance.
30 November -0001 News
Fitzmaurice pushes for more live exports
In the second meeting of the new Dáil, TD Michael Fitzmaurice made the case for an increase in the live export trade.
30 November -0001 News
De-designation of 46 raised bogs on the cards
Heritage Minister, Heather Humphreys, has announced that the drafting of legislation has been approved for the de-designation of 39 raised bogs and and the part de-designation of seven raised bogs.
30 November -0001 News
Diesel-petrol price equalisation must be resisted - TDs
Fianna Fáil and independent TDs have cautioned against the diesel tax hikes suggested in a recent Government report.
30 November -0001 News