Thrive weekly roundup: weighing yearlings and transitioning calves outdoors
Declan Marren
The dairy beef programme roundup has a video update from the demo farm, where yearling stock have been weighed, while we outline the importance of managing the transition to grass for calves.
Watch: grazing and silage update from Thrive demo farm
Grass growth has kicked on significantly over the last 10 days on the demonstration farm, with growth finally exceeding demand for the first time this year. Declan Marren has an update from the farm.
6 April 2022 Management
Beef Management: fertiliser, turnout and applying for BEEP-S
Adam Woods takes a look at fertiliser applications, getting cattle turned out and the upcoming BEEP-S application deadline in this weeks beef management notes.
Home Farm: Dry weather brings progress
In another three weeks or so, I expect the oilseed rape fields will be a vibrant yellow.
30 March 2022 Opinion
Thrive: getting yearling stock to grass
More settled weather conditions brings the opportunity to get yearling stock back out to grass.
23 March 2022 Grass & feeding
Commercial Beef Value: a new era for indexes
The Commercial Beef Value (CBV) is a new ICBF genetic value for all animals destined for beef production. ICBF’s Chris Daly reports.
9 March 2022 News
Performance check on replacement heifers
Herd owners should be checking the weight gain in replacement heifers over the winter, ensuring animals are on track to hit target breeding weight.
22 February 2022 Management
Home Farm: biting the fertiliser bullet
I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that we have no option but to go ahead and order compound fertiliser for the tillage crops and the ground intended for silage.
2 February 2022 Opinion
Thrive weekly roundup: January jobs and mid-winter weights
The dairy beef weekly roundup outlines some tasks that need to be completed in the coming weeks on dairy beef farms, as well as looking at the mid-winter weights from the Thrive demonstration farm.
22 January 2022 Grass & feeding
Thrive: yearlings hitting weight targets this winter
The mid-winter weight is an important tool to ensure stock are performing over during the high cost housing period.
19 January 2022 Grass & feeding
Five management jobs to sort over Christmas
While there is always a long list of jobs to complete on every farm, outlined are five tasks to think about completing over the next fortnight.
18 December 2021 Management
Thrive: higher cost winter diet on demo farm
Winter feed costs will be increased on most farms due to higher meal prices, however lower-quality silage in the yard means further feed cost rises on the Thrive Demo Farm this year.
1 December 2021 Grass & feeding