Special focus: don't take shortcuts with animal health
Kieran Mailey
Prevention is always better than cure when it comes to animal health. Plan ahead and follow best practice at all times.
2 September 2017 Animal Health
10 steps to reduce the health risks when buying cattle
Purchasing cattle increases the risk of bringing disease on to your farm. Following these 10 steps can help to reduce the risk and improve animal health.
30 August 2017 Animal Health
Design your livestock handling unit with safety in mind
There are many different design aspects which can be added to your handling facilities to ensure the quick and safe management of cattle
Winter animal health: take steps to reduce the risks
This week's Focus supplement features an extremely important topic - winter animal health.
31 August 2016 News
National effort to improve biosecurity on pig farms
Edgar Garcia Manzanilla, Teagasc, Moorepark, gives details of a new initiative to improve biosecurity.
2 September 2015 Animal Health
Animal health introduction: planning central to winter animal performance
Failure to implement a winter animal health programme can negatively affect animal performance but more importantly can be the trigger for a disease outbreak.
30 November -0001 Animal Health