The On-Farm Investment Scheme is the new name for the Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme.

The scheme will be implemented in a similar format, with rolling tranches and ranking and selection criteria used to process applications.

It is proposed to maintain the investment ceiling at the current level which is €80,000.

The exception to this is low-emission slurry spreading equipment, which has its own ceiling.

Grant aid will be provided for investment in the following categories: environmental investments, animal welfare, nutrient storage, tillage farmers, young farmers, organics andfarm safety.

When compared to the category headings under TAMS there are two significant absentees, with the Dairy Equipment Scheme and Pig and Poultry Investment Scheme excluded.

It is possible that relevant items have been incorporated under other headings and those farmers concerned will be anxious to seek clarity on this.

The strong focus on the environment under the next CAP is again evident. It has its own heading along with farm safety.