Like all exhibitors, McHale is looking forward to the return of the FTMTA Farm Machinery Show and will be exhibiting a wide range of machinery on its stand.

This year, the Mayo manufacturer will showcase its Centre Delivery Rake, its Pro Glide range of mowers, the renowned Fusion 3 Plus with Isobus, round balers from its F5000 fixed and V6 variable chamber ranges, and a selection of round bale wrappers along with the C460 straw blower and silage feeder.


Building on its proven Expert Plus and iTouch control consoles, McHale has developed several Isobus-compatible machines and introduced a range of Iso-play terminals. These will be on show at the event.

Isobus, which is an international communication protocol that sets the standard for agriculture electronics, allows for communication between the tractor and the software which controls the implement.

McHale has developed its Iso-play terminal software to allow full Isobus compatibility, but says it also benefits the McHale proprietary auto-switching camera functionality (as used in the existing iTouch terminals). Auto-switching of cameras makes the baling process easier for operators and also reduces the in-cab clutter as a second camera monitor is no longer required.

McHale explained that its Isobus machines can be plugged into any Isobus tractor connection and operated via the tractor’s own terminal in the cab. Alternatively, with an Isobus tractor the operator can use a separate Isobus terminal. The machine is connected via the tractor’s Isobus connector which eliminates cables being routed through the back window of the cab.

If the operator wishes to operate an Isobus-controlled machine with a tractor that is not Isobus compatible, they can do so through the McHale Iso-play 7 console, equipped with its 7in screen or the larger, 12in screen on the McHale Iso-play 12 console which is available as an option. An additional tractor wiring loom is required to do this. The Iso-play 7 or Iso-play 12 consoles can be used to operate other Isobus machines.

Meanwhile, if the user already owns an Isobus control console from another machine, this can be used to control the functionality of the latest McHale V6750, V8950, Fusion 3 Pro or Fusion 3 Plus machines.