Last Thursday I found myself sitting outside the local supermarket in the car park – thinking. I had come from a busy day and I was thinking of what I could buy the children for their dinner. It was raining, I was tired and I wanted something convenient, as there were still other things to focus on that evening besides food. I do make an effort to do ‘freezer dinners’ – cooking large vats at the weekend so that I will have something on the nutritious side to pull out for the family when I am running behind schedule; but with a lot on over the last few weekends, this source has been somewhat depleted and I am now at the cusp of what’s quick and easy. There are lots of options for such a dinner along the supermarket aisles. These options are also cheap and cheerful: pizza, quiche or pasta and sauce have been fallen back upon previously and have filled a gap.

At this point, still sitting in the car, I remembered a conversation I had earlier that day about a European Project called EUREGA launched in Galway earlier in the week. Galway was the first region in Ireland awarded the status of European Region of Gastronomy for 2018, so it was an appropriate place to launch a project of which the main objective is to have food, food habits and gastronomy included and recognised in EU strategies and policies.