Getting the name of where you are is very important, especially when you’re visiting an area with a strong GAA tradition and inter-club rivalry.

As his CAP tour began in Castleisland, Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue told the crowd he was delighted to be in Castlemaine Mart, which raised a few oohs and ahhs. Fortunately, he was informed of his faux pas and to the crowd’s amusement, he explained the reason behind his mistake. Having started the day in Dingle, the minister passed through Castlemaine.

The village is famous in song as home of the Wild Colonial Boy and the Donegal man said that song was regularly sung in his home when he was growing up. It seems there’s more than Beyoncé in Charlie’s playlist.

There was a wild McConalogue boy, Charlie was his name. He spoke at Castleisland Mart but called it Castlemaine.

Told of the wrong, to put it right, Charlie told them why.

A song his father sang when he was young was The Wild Colonial Boy.