Each year, the Thrive programme decides on a list of suitable sires for calves that will be purchased for the programme the following spring. This selection is based on two main criteria:

  • 1. The sire must have a minimum value of beef figure of €50.
  • 2. A carcase weight figure of greater than 5kg.
  • This week’s Thrive page in print in the Irish Farmers Journal outlines the top 30 of these sires and outlines the selection criteria farmers should use when selecting sires for use on the dairy herd.

    While the list in print concentrates on the most commonly used breeds of Angus and Hereford, as well as lesser-used Belgian Blue and Limousin, the entire list includes sires from nine breeds in total and has something to suit every farmer’s preference.

    It is great to see the number of eligible sires increase year on year and the programme can now look to increasing the minimum criteria for sires in subsequent years.

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