The past few days of good weather have seen work progress dramatically in the tillage fields. Spring barley planting was the main order of business over the past week and conditions were variable across the country.

The south and midlands seemed to make the best out of the weather, while drying was slower in other areas such as parts of Wexford and Meath. Some northern counties also received snow and hail in amounts big enough to halt sowing over the weekend.

Spring barley

The spring barley area is expected to return to more normal levels this season, following a jump last year. Seed supplies tightened over recent days and stocks are moving from south to north as growers finish up.

The majority of spring barley planting is expected to finish up by the end of this week, with the bulk of the work completed over the Easter weekend. However, those in wetter areas still have plenty to do.

Focus will now turn to planting beet, maize, spring oilseed rape and potatoes.

Cold weather this week and due over the weekend has and will prevent spraying, but the slowdown in growth should give growers a chance to get out at the right timing once temperatures increase.