Every suckler cow, calf and maiden heifer on the Irish Farmers Journal's Tullamore Farm was on display during Wednesday’s open day, which was held in association with FBD.

Now, for a short time only, the data of each animal, including age, weight and €uro-Star information, is available to view on the MartBids app.

MartBids is designed to act as a helpful tool for somebody buying or selling cattle in a mart. All of the information displayed on the mart board is available on your smartphone long before the animal enters the sales ring.

The app is a collaboration between the Irish Farmers Journal and livestock marts. It is available for download on iPhone or Android on the App Store or Google Play.

If you attended the Tullamore Farm open day on Wednesday and want to get even more detail on the stock, or if you want to see some of the livestock data you missed out on, download the MartBids app today and click on the Tullamore Farm herd.


Meanwhile, in Kilkenny Mart on Thursday, there were just over 480 cattle sold. Prices for lighter store heifers were steady but heavier stores fell.

Bullocks were almost opposite to this, with forward stores faring slightly better than lighter lots.

On a per-head basis, cattle are still coming into good money thanks to better liveweight at selling as a result of the abundance of summer grass.

Heifers from 350kg to 400kg sold for an average price of €1.92/kg. Better-quality lots made over €2.10/kg regularly but plainer types settled for a price nearer to €1.70/kg.

From 400g to 500kg, the sale average was €1.91/kg. Quality was consistently hitting over €2.25/kg and a handful of really super-quality lots made over €2.50/kg.

Stores over 500kg averaged €1.50/kg. Better-fleshed, continental types made up on €1.80/kg.


In the bullock ring, stores from 350kg to 400kg averaged €1.75/kg. Quality was coming closer to the €2/kg mark.

There was little difference in the 400kg to 500kg and the 500kg to 600kg categories – both had an overall average of €1.87/kg. Quality commanded a price 40-50c/kg higher.

Bullocks over 600kg averaged €1.89/kg.