The main sheep-related tasks on Tullamore Farm continue to be drafting lambs for slaughter and advancing plans for this year’s breeding season.

The latest batch of 40 lambs were drafted for slaughter on 26 August and averaged €132.85 per head.

The average price per kilo was €6.43/kg, with an average paid carcase weight of 20.68kg.

Farm manager Shaun Diver continues to excel in terms of drafting performance.

There was only 13kg of free meat on the batch and 6.8kg of this came from two lambs.

Fat scores

All 40 lambs on the batch recorded a fat score of 3. The average price per kilo of €6.43/kg was helped by the fact that 22 lambs on the batch graded U, with these lambs paid a 10c/kg bonus by means of the payment mechanism through the Offaly Quality Lamb Producer Group.

Lambs continue to perform positively on grass, with Shaun commenting that grass quality has been ideal in recent weeks.

Concentrates will be introduced in the coming weeks to underpin performance as grass quality reduces.

The drafting rate is in a relatively good position, with over 70% of lambs drafted when ewe lamb replacements being retained and sold are included.