The area planted under maize in the US is expected to increase to 37.2m hectares (Mha) this year, increasing from 36.8Mha in 2020. This will bring US maize production to around 360.3m tonnes.

Although the United Stated Department of Agriculture (USDA) forecasts an increase in production, it expects high domestic demand and high exports, according to the latest AHDB market report.

The USDA released the figures at its annual Outlook Forum last week. As the US is expected to account for 36% of global exports of both maize and soya beans, American planned planting area can greatly shape global market sentiment for the season.

The area of soya beans planted is expected to increase significantly to 36.4Mha, from 33.6Mha in 2020. Production is estimated at around 112.6m tonnes.

Despite the forecast increase in planted area, US stocks for next season may only slightly increase from 3.27m tonnes to 3.95m tonnes, according to the figures. This is because of low opening stocks and strong demand.


These outlooks are only preliminary estimates of the US soya bean and maize area and are likely to change.

On the run up to planting, the prices for both crops will impact planting intentions.

However, once planting commences, the weather will dictate what is actually planted. Maize planting generally starts in April, with soya bean planting usually following in May.