IAM has been the importer and distributor of Strautmann equipment in Ireland since 2000. Among the wide selection of diet feeders is the Verti-Mix 2401 equipped the new V-conveyor system.

The Verti-Mix 2401 is available in three sizes ranging from 19cm3 to 24cm3. Strautmann’s Vario2 auger system, fitted as standard, speeds up mixing thanks to its stepped flight design.

The V-conveyor is Strautmann’s latest discharge system. This gives operators the ability to feed into high troughs while keeping the conveyor system within the width of the feeder thanks to its compact design. The twin-motor hydraulic V-Conveyor system can be set to increase discharge height by up to 55cm as well as having a side shift of 25cm. Electronic cab controls allow the operator adjust discharge speed easily. The system also allows the operator feed out to either side of the machine.

Also new from Straumann is its rotating mechanical straw blowing unit. Its chute is mounted on a ring gear, giving it the ability to rotate up to 270° by means of hydraulic motor. Straw can be blown up to a distance of 20m to the right and 15m to the left.

The 2401 with V-conveyor is priced at €57,000 plus Vat.