Saturday last saw Balla Mart, Co Mayo, host its weekly cattle sale, where almost 700 lots went through three rings.

These lots comprised of bullocks, heifers and dry cows.

The mart saw a very strong trade for all cattle, with factory-fit stock coming to the fore in all three rings, where agents were active ringside as well as online throughout the sale.

Bullocks met a strong trade, with factory agents and feedlot agents clashing on some of the top lots. This created a steady trade throughout the sale.

Bullocks over 500kg met an average of €2.46/kg, with some of the top-quality lots coming in slightly higher.

Factory agents were also very active for heavier bullocks, with some bullocks over 600kg hitting €2.60/kg.

Lighter bullocks in between these weight brackets were also a strong trade, meeting similar averages to the lighter bullocks at €2.30/kg.

Cow trade

Cows met a super trade, with top cows going through the ring at €1,000 along with their weight and, for some, nearly €1,100 on top of their weight.

The strongest demand was for factory-fit cows, with these seeing a sale average of almost €2.15/kg, with some dairy-bred cows bringing the average back slightly.

Store cows for feeding saw a steady trade also, with a number of feedlot agents and northern customers driving the dry cow trade.

Heifers met a strong trade, with a demand for any heifer suitable for breeding and finishing, with a strong contingent of buyers ringside for both jobs.

Lighter heifers came to the fore, with some of these reaching close to €3/kg for the top-quality lots, while some factory-fit heifers also stood out, reaching up on €1,000 along with their weight.

Mart manager Stephen Hannon said: “We had a really good trade this week, with a number of new customers back in the ring after being out during the summer.

"We have seen numbers staying really steady during July and August, so I don’t think we will see a glut of animals coming to marts this autumn.”

In pictures

This April 2019-born Charolais bullock weighed 545kg and sold for €1,380 (€2.53/kg).

This March 2020-born Charolais heifer weighed 525kg and sold for €1,420 (€2.70/kg)

This May 2020-born Limousin bullock weighed 475kg and sold for €1,140 (€2.40/kg).

This December 2019-born Limousin heifer weighed 575kg and sold for €1,640 (€2.85/kg).

This March 2019-born Limousin bullock weighed 475kg and sold for €1,230 (€2.58/kg).