A phased retirement policy for older farmers was proposed by Macra na Feirme in the organisation’s policy document for CAP post 2020, which was launched in Brussels this week.

Speaking to the Irish Farmers Journal in Brussels, Macra president Seán Finan said that the proposal would see farmers complete a succession plan at 63, with a transitional arrangement occurring between the ages of 65 and 70.

Macra proposes that for farmers over the age of 70 to claim CAP payments, they must be involved in a collaborative arrangement with a younger farmer.

“It’s a phased transition, it’s not a fall off the cliff measure. We are very conscious that older farmers have a requirement and have an awful lot to offer the industry. They are the landowners and we have to work closely together to ensure succession happens,” Finan said.


The policy document was presented to European Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan as well as MEPs in Brussels this week.

“It is part of the process that we would ensure that some of our recommendations would feed their way into the CEJA proposal, which is the European council of young farmer’s document that will be finalised in the next few weeks,” Finan said.

Watch the Irish Farmers Journal Brussels report and the interview with Seán Finan below:

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