I farm: “35 acres with 30 breeding stock and 10 replacements ewes, so I have about 60 sheep at the moment including lambs. All the sheep are pedigree Dorsets. I bought a new ram this year so I have two Dorset rams that run with the flock.”

Farming: “I grew up farming. My mam and I kept pet lambs for neighbours. When I was 14 I asked for a Dorset ram for my birthday and that’s really when I established my own flock. I manage all my own money between selling stock and buying. I’m saving my money to try to expand the flock. I was shown the correct way to do everything, so I try to maintain a high standard.”

Lambing: “I have a flock of 30 breeding stock. I will have 14 ewes lambing in December and the younger stock next spring. I’m in fifth year at the moment so I try to coincide the lambing with my school holidays.”

Winter: “I don’t house the sheep over winter. They’re a hardy breed and have wool everywhere, which is why shearers aren’t too fond of them. I try to get the ewes and lambs out as quick as possible after lambing as there is less chance of disease.”

This week: “I am checking the lambs’ and ewes’ health and condition after lambing. There is great grass growth at the moment. The sheep will really thrive. I should have plenty of big lambs by Christmas.”

School: “I will be getting my Junior Cert results next week. I hope to pursue farming in the future anyway, and possibly study ag science in college. There are a lot of opportunities out there.”

Family: “There’s my mam Samantha, dad Eric and siblings, James (17), twins Holly and Alex (13), and Níobh (11).”

Quotable quote: “A sick sheep is usually a dead sheep; they are not as strong or robust as cattle, I’m a firm believer in doing everything right at the outset and ensuring each lamb gets the right immunisations and care from birth.”