Soil is the most basic input for all farming systems and healthy soil combines good soil structure, fertility and biological activity.

To help farmers understand the importance of soil to their businesses, the Sustainable Farm Insights programme, supported by the Irish Farmers Journal and Glanbia Ireland, has produced a soil health video.

Sustainable Farm Insights programme soil health full video.

The video includes visits to a drystock, dairy and tillage farm to look at soil health in individual fields.

All three farmers are working to preserve and improve their soils.

Dairy farmer Shane O’Loughlin is applying dung on a rotational basis and using nature to open up and aerate his pastures.

Francie Gorman is very conscious of the benefits of preserving his old productive leys.

James Ashmore explains what he is doing to improve the health and productivity of worn tillage soils.

A second video on biodiversity on farms will also appear soon.

Glanbia Ireland reports strong interest in its Operation Biodiversity tree bundles and whitethorn hedging plants.

Farmers were given access to horticulturalists to answer queries on the most appropriate species for different uses and their suitability for specific soil types.