Rauch’s Axis-M 30.2 EMC twin-disc spreader with dynamic section control took part in the demonstration at Crops & Spreaders last week.

The spreader has a capacity of up to 4.2t and has a spreading width from 12m up to 52m.

It features two vanes on each disc, one long and one short.

The Axis-M uses the electronic massflow control (EMC) automatic metering system to measure and control the fertiliser flow separately for the left and right sides.

This machine is automatic self-calibrating, measuring the fertiliser flow rate every two seconds.

If the spreader sends a signal back to the control box that the flow rate has changed, it can open or close the shutter, as required, to ensure the correct torque to keep the flow rate the same.

Spread width adjustment is carried out by adjusting the drop point on the terminal.

In combination with a GFX 750 Trimble GPS receiver, the Axis-M 30.2 that featured in this year’s demonstration was equipped with full dynamic section control.

Depending on spec, the Axis-M 30.2 EMC retails in the region of €20,000 plus VAT.