Last week, Farmec showcased the Sulky X40+ Econov at Crops & Spreaders in Oak Park. This spreader has a 3,200-litre hopper capacity, while Sulky offer from 1,900l up to 4,200l. The range has a spreading widths capacity from 18m up to 44m.

Each disc has two large carbide-coated vanes which allow two distinct flows of granules per vane, helping to maintain the correct spreading pattern whatever the application rate may be, ensuring a full overlap each time.

The machine can achieve spreading rates ranging from 3kg to 1,200kg/ha, having a maximum flow of 520kg/min controlled via electric shutters.

Working width is adjusted at the rear of the spreaders via a slide adjuster which adjusts the fertiliser drop point on the vanes.

Sulky’s Econov section control system manages 12 sections by adjusting the drop point on each disc in turn with the application shutter without using hydraulic-driven discs. All weighing and calibration functions are carried out automatically, while spreading rate is proportional to forward speed.

The Tribord headland control kit sees an electric actuator adjust drop point in order to supply the Tribord 3D vane on the border side disc, while the type of border spreading is selected from the cab.

Depending on spec, the spreader is priced in the region of €27,000 plus VAT.