Last week, we travelled to Antrim to visit potato, grain and beef farmer Mark McCurdy.

Mark is one of two growers from Northern Ireland to be featured on this year's From the Tramlines.

Last week, Mark began sowing spring cereals.

The ground was first ploughed before being rotavated with a Deutz 6160 and Kuhn rotavator and a Same 160 with Amazone power harrow.

Mark was working late into the night and when we visited him, daylight had long since disappeared.

Watch the video of Mark working below.

This year, he’s planting with an Amazone AD303 super drill.

This is a new drill for him, having upgraded from a Sulky box drill due to increased hopper capacity.

The drill came in from Scotland and is in great condition.

He sowed Westminster and Tomahawk spring barley at 188kg/ha.

The crop will be rolled after and will also receive 370kg/ha of 14:14:18 shortly after sowing.

The crop will be brought up to 125kg N/ha.

Read all about Mark is this week's From the Tramlines here.

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