A big part of Christmas is having a bit of down-time, eating good food and spending time with friends and family. Even though there is nothing wrong with staying indoors enjoying the rest, it is a good idea to include some gentle movement as well. This can be very beneficial, both physically and mentally. Put on the Christmas jumper and get cosy - merry movement!

Take a walk

Get outside and take a walk.

The weather has a tendency to be a bit colder and wetter this time of year. However, as we’ve heard before; “There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.” Make sure you get the wellies, raincoat and hat out and don’t let an overcast sky stop you from getting some fresh air outside. Get everyone in the house involved and go for a walk together. The fresh air outside will definitely lift your spirits and the warm house, comforting drinks and treats will seem even better when you head back in.

Do some yoga

Include gentle movement like yoga into your Christmas break.

Lifting weights, doing push-ups or an ab workout can feel a bit out of place for some when you have a stomach full of ham and Celebrations with your tea. Yoga can be a good way to still involve some movement in your day, without being too strenuous. YouTube is a lifesaver in this regard. With a quick search, you can find something that suits you, whether that’s some yin yoga to loosen up or a gentle vinyasa flow to get the blood going, you’ll be sure to find something for you.

Play some family games

This may seem like a very stationary activity, but there are so many party games out there that will get you moving. It is a good way to keep kids and adults alike occupied and active over the Christmas break. A family favourite is Twister. With all the bending and twisting, you might not even need the yoga to keep you flexible! Charades and pantomime acting games are great as well, especially because you can personalise them. Putting your own twist on some well-known games will ensure more fun for everyone.

Have a dance marathon

Once again, YouTube is a great help if you are looking for some fun movement. Since we won’t be doing as much dancing in the pubs or clubs this season, who's to say we can’t do it at home? Fitness YouTuber Madfit has some great follow-along dance videos with all kinds of songs of all different durations. From a 2000s dance party to a 10 minute Christmas dance workout, you will have enough videos to dance your way into 2022.

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