Patchy frost will clear on Friday morning, according to Met Éireann. Mostly cloudy today across the southern half of the country with scattered outbreaks of rain, heavy and persistent at times across southern counties, with the risk of spot flooding and local thunder.

Some bright or sunny spells across the northern half of the country though, where it should remain largely dry. Another cool day with highs of 6°C to 10°C (north to south).

Easterly breezes will be brisk at times along south and southeast coasts, and mainly moderate inland.

Met Éireann has issued a rain warning for the south coast.

Scattered outbreaks of rain early Friday night will soon become confined to the southwest, with a few showers possible in the east later.

Otherwise, a lot of dry weather with mist or fog patches, and patchy frost developing where skies stay clear. Lowest temperatures 0°C to 6°C, coldest away from southern counties. Northeast breezes will be mostly light overland.


Much of the country will see a fully dry day Saturday with sunny spells. However, some showery rain may affect southern and eastern coastal counties, mainly appearing along coasts here.

Highest temperatures 6°C to 10°C (north to south), in a mostly light northeast breeze, which will be a little fresher along east- and south-facing coasts.

Apart from isolated showers in the east, it will be dry with clear spells, in light northeast breezes on Saturday night.

Cold and frosty in parts, with lowest temperatures -2°C to + 3°C, coldest across Atlantic counties.


Some frost across Atlantic counties to begin on Sunday. Many areas will stay dry for the day with good sunny spells.

However, some scattered showers will occur too, with most of these feeding in across the east of Leinster. Another cold day with highest temperatures of 6°C to 10°C, in mostly light easterly breezes; winds will, however, be a little fresher along east and south facing coasts.

A frosty night will follow with lowest temperatures of -2°C to +2°C.


Another mainly dry day for a lot of the country, with sunny spells, but once again rather cool. Scattered showers will feed in on the easterly flow, with most of these affecting Leinster. Highest temperatures will range 6°C to 10°C, coldest away from southern counties. Southeast breezes will freshen after dark as a band of rain in the southwest pushes up across the country.


Tuesday will begin mostly cloudy, with scattered outbreaks of rain moving northeastwards. Longer drier spells too developing into the afternoon, though further rainfall will begin to feed up from the southwest after dark.

Very wet and very windy overnight with possible warnings coming into effect.

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