Friday will be a bright day with sunshine and showers, Met Éireann has said. Showers will die out during the afternoon, although cloud and rain will develop on the west coast by the evening. Top temperatures of 8°C to 11°C.

By night, Friday will be wet with persistent or heavy rain spreading eastwards to all areas. Lowest temperatures of 5°C to 9°C.


Spells of rain will continue on Saturday, clearing gradually eastwards and followed by showers. Highest temperatures of 11°C to 13°C.

On Saturday night, showers will continue in many areas. Lowest temperatures of 4°C to 8°C.


Sunday will be a cool, blustery day with widespread showers and a risk of hail and isolated thunderstorms. Some bright or sunny spells, also in highs of 9°C to 13°C.

Week ahead

Rain and drizzle will continue early next week, especially in the west and northwest. Midweek will be mild but cooler, with sunshine and showers.

Management notes:


There is still a level of interest in planting cereal crops and winter beans might also be considered as a break crop on heavier ground, if conditions permit, writes Andy Doyle.


The strength of the factory, butcher and wholesale trade, along with a vibrant store lamb trade, means producers have plenty of outlets to select from to achieve the maximum value for their stock, writes Darren Carty.


Adam Woods takes a look at pneumonia issues on farms, keeping on top of fluke dosing and looking after the stock bull in this week's management notes.


Aidan Brennan releases some details about what to expect on Dairy Day 2020, along with advice for drying off and heating water.

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