Friday is forecast to be a mostly cloudy day with a few patches of light rain. However, some sunshine will break through during the afternoon along with the chance of a few showers also.

Met Éireann has said that highest temperatures will range between 16°C and 19°C in mostly light breezes.

On Friday, cloud will thicken across the western half of the country, followed by some light rain and drizzle.

Elsewhere, it will be dry once any evening showers clear with minimum temperatures of 7°C to 10°C in light winds.


Looking to Saturday and Met Éireann has said that it will be rather cloudy at first with patches of light rain or drizzle, mainly affecting the western half of the country.

Cloud is forecast to start to break later in the morning with spells of sunshine for the afternoon and evening. However, Atlantic coastal areas will remain quite dull and damp.

Saturday will be a humid day with top temperatures ranging 16°C to 20°C in light to moderate southwesterly breezes.

On Saturday night, outbreaks of rain will move in from the Atlantic to affect the west of the country early on and these will extend nationwide later. Rainfall amounts are forecast to be small. Minimum temperatures will range between 10°C and 13°C degrees in freshening southwesterly winds.


On Sunday, rain will clear quickly into the Irish Sea in the morning to leave a bright and breezy day with sunny spells and a few passing showers.

Highest temperatures will vary from 15°C to 18°C degrees in moderate to fresh westerly breezes, according to Met Éireann.

There will be clear spells and scattered showers overnight on Sunday, some prolonged in the north.

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