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Planning objections hamper Glanbia’s growth

Glanbia chair John Murphy, describes the background to new restrictions in milk supply. Pointing to their “friends” in An Taisce who have used planning objections to create delays in building a new Glanbia plant to process milk.

How will Glanbia restrictions impact farmers?

Aidan Brennan discusses a number of case studies of how the restrictions could impact farmers.

Blackgrass – know how to spot it

Stephen Robb talks to Teagasc’s Jimmy Staples about how to spot blackgrass in your fields this spring.

Emma O’Connor on milking goats

At home with no work, Emma O’Connor started off hand milking two goats. That number has grown to 35 and she’s now building a milk processing unit.

Climate Bill banks on rewetting bogs

Minister Eamon Ryan speaks about the importance of bog rewetting as the Climate Bill is published.

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