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New organic scheme upset

The issues currently facing the organic sector and why the re-opening of the Organic Farming Scheme has upset farmers are tackled by IFA organic project team chair Nigel Renaghan.

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Reward farmers for environmental management

NFU Scotland president Andrew McCornick outlined to Northern editor David Wright how he wants to see a new support system developed for Scotland that rewards productivity and environmental management.

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Calving in Scotland

The countdown to calving is on for mixed livestock and arable farmer Andrew Biffen in Scotland, he tells Declan Marren how things are going on farm.

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Making milk and meat from sand in Egypt

Jack Kennedy reports from Egypt, a country over 10 times the size of Ireland which milks 4.5m cows. He speaks to Khalad Elsammy of BEYTI, an Egyptian milk processor, on the future of milking in the country.

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He also speaks to Dr Abderaouf Al Gohary who milks 400 cows between two farms and finishes 2,000 beef bulls.

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What do farmers want from the next Government?

Barry Cassidy speaks to farmers at Mohill Mart in Leitrim to see what they want from the next Government and what's driving trade.

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Climate change

We hear from Welsh farmer Rhys Edwards who has calculated that his farm absorbs more greenhouse gas than it emits.

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Paying farmers to manage the hills

Declan Byrne of the SUAS project outlines to Barry Cassidy how farmers could be paid for managing the uplands.

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