According to Met Éireann, it will be dry and sunny for most of Monday with showers of rain and sleet in Leinster and east Munster and snow falling on high ground.

Temperatures will dip to -2°C overnight in some parts.


Similar weather conditions on Tuesday, though cloudy in the east and south with more sleet and rain.

Temperatures not rising above 3°C and dropping to -3°C overnight.


Mainly dry with some isolated showers in coastal areas. Temperatures in the afternoon reaching 1°C or 2°C with some sunshine.

Frost and ice expected with temperatures of -3°C in some areas.

Thursday and Friday

More wintry showers expected with freezing conditions overnight.

Farming forecast


Overall, the last seven days have seen rainfall totals in the west and north slightly above average for mid-winter, with around 25-40mm or so recorded. However, it has been much drier in the south and east of the country with just 5-15mm recorded, below average for mid-winter.

Rainfall totals are forecast to be below normal in all regions but there'll be 5-15mm in parts of Leinster over the seven day period.


Spraying conditions will be limited due to unpredictable weather.

Field conditions

All soils are either saturated or waterlogged, and while no significant improvement is expected in the short term, with some very hard frosts expected ground conditions may temporarily become more favourable for light traffic over better soils.