On Monday night, rain will gradually become confined to eastern coastal areas and the strong winds will ease, according to Met Éireann.

Tuesday will still bring a little patchy rain or showers to parts, but there will be a good deal of dry weather overall, with the west seeing the best of the brighter spells.

Afternoon highs of 9°C or 10°C in eastern areas, but 13°C to 15°C in the west and winds will be moderate southeasterly.

Tuesday night will be cold, with possibly some mist or patchy fog developing in places and a touch of grass frost locally.

Rest of the week

For the rest of the coming week, apart from a few light showers, it looks like it will be mainly dry with sunny spells.

Winds will remain moderate east or southeast and it will gradually become a degree or so milder day by day.

Temperatures on Good Friday afternoon are expected to range from 15°C along exposed coasts to as high as 18°C to 20°C elsewhere. Night time temperatures will be around 5°C to 8°C.

Farming forecast


After Tuesday, the weather will have settled down considerably, with an extensive high pressure area developing across Scandinavia and much of mainland EU, with its influence moving in across Ireland too, welcoming in very mild, warm and sunny conditions into the Easter weekend.


The temperature profile will remain low for Monday, with a wind chill factor making it feel even cooler, but temperatures will steadily rise from mid-week.

By next weekend, maxima may even rise to the high teens or low 20s in parts.

As a result, projected mean air temperatures are forecast to be 2°C to 3°C above average.

A touch of frost Monday and Tuesday night is expected, but beyond then there should be frost-free conditions across Ireland.


In the northwest, sunshine was about a third more than usual for mid-April last week.

Sunshine values are expected to be above average from mid-week, but between then and now there will probably be a lot of cloud about.

Drying conditions

Conditions will improve across the western half of the country on Tuesday and everywhere as of mid-week.


Plentiful opportunities for spraying are expected from mid-week everywhere.

Field conditions

Most soils are trafficable at the moment, but most moderately and poorly drained soils will become saturated or waterlogged by Monday, but recovering again later in the week.

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