One company which had a wildflower seed mixture contaminated with blackgrass – a highly invasive weed – seed has stated that it has stopped the sale of wildflower mixtures grown in England.

A Germinal representative told the Irish Farmers Journal: "We can confirm that unfortunately a batch of wildflower seed mixtures grown in Great Britain has been found to contain small amounts of blackgrass seed.

"We take this issue very seriously and to prevent any further problems we have taken the decision to cease the sale of wildflower mixtures grown in England."


Some of these wildflower seeds have already been planted on farms. Germinal has asked people who purchased seed and have not planted to return that seed. Where the seeds have been planted farmers should keep an eye out for blackgrass and Germinal advisers will inspect plots upon request.

There are numerous different suppliers of wildflower seeds and pollinator mixes on sale across the country and it is still unclear if other seed sold across the country is contaminated.

Blackgrass plants should not be allowed go to seed and should be destroyed once spotted. The only herbicide which offers 100% control of the weed is glyphosate.

Blackgrass is a severe threat to the tillage industry here in Ireland.

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