In Northern Ireland most of the milk supplied to processors is further processed into cheese, powders and butter the same as in the Republic. However, there is a strong tradition of producing winter milk driven on climatic, cow type, and land fragmentation issues. A lot of Northern farmers will calve 70% of the herd from August to December keeping supply up over winter, but peaking in May when spring cows are calved and all cows are at grass. There is no such thing as liquid milk bonuses in Northern Ireland, but, there are winter milk bonus schemes. Processors incentivise volume bonuses over milk solids production.

In the Republic of Ireland there are two supply and payment options if you want to supply milk during the winter months. You can supply on a manufacturing contract and get a winter milk bonus if eligible, or, secondly, supply a liquid milk contract and get the agreed liquid milk bonus. You can of course also decide to supply milk and not get any bonus if agreed with your processor.