The EU young farmer organisation CEJA is calling for predictability and stability at farm level when it comes to the temporary budget of the CAP post-2020.

The call comes following the publication by the European Commission of transitional provisions last week, which revealed that farmers are facing up to €100m in cuts in their Irish payments next year as a result of a new CAP not being in place.

Transitional rules

CEJA said it is crucial that transitional rules, as well as the new CAP, are guaranteed a stable budget.

“Long-term policy patterns are key to our stability as entrepreneurs and as young farmers more specifically,” said CEJA president Jannes Maes.

"We therefore call on EU legislators to speed up the process so that the transition towards the next CAP is appropriately provided and the continuity of public support is guaranteed."

One of the most crucial elements will be to maintain financial allocations at their current levels, so that beneficiaries are not negatively impacted by the “existing rules, new budget” principle, CEJA said.


It added that the transitional budget proposed by the Commission is far from satisfactory and will have severe consequences for young farmers.

Among other elements of great importance, the rural development pillar is set to be significantly reduced, with predicted negative impacts on flagship schemes such as installation and investment support, it said.

"European young farmers therefore ask member states to deliver on their budgetary commitments and step up their ambition in regard to the MFF 2021-2027 by guaranteeing a maintained budget for the CAP, not only for the transition but also for the required strategic plans."

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