The Irish Cattle Breeding Federation (ICBF) calf price data table this week sees numbers lift significantly, especially for Friesian bulls.

In terms of other breeds, Angus are out in front for second place in the number stakes.

An average price of €51/head was paid for those aged from 10 to 20 days old, a marginal lift of €1/head since last week.

Almost half of the Friesian bull calves have weight data this week.

Younger calves averaged 53kg and older calves (21 to 42 days old) weighed an average of 62kg.

Weights were up, but prices eased a fraction for those older Friesian bulls.

They slipped €5/head compared with the week before and sold for €72/head.

Compared with the same week last year, younger Friesian bulls are up €5/head, while older ones are back €10/head. It’s still very early in the season though.

Angus calves

Angus-sired calves account for 50% of beef-sired calves on offer and across three of the four categories, prices are up compared with last week, with the exception being older bull calves who are back €15/head over the week to €246/head.

Under three-week-old bulls and heifers are averaging €182/head and €151/head, up €7/head and €18/head respectively on last week.

Angus heifers from three weeks to six weeks old are making €199/head. This marks a rise of €26/head in a week.


Hereford make up 25% of all beef-sired calves. They have been running ahead of Angus prices over the last seven days and this is most noticeable for bull calves, where they are €76/head to €81/head above Angus prices.

The gap is much smaller between the heifer calves of both breeds and stand at €29/head for younger calves and €12 for older ones.

Continentals made up the balance of the beef-sired calves and Belgian Blue-crosses were the predominant breed. There was a rise of €44/head for older heifer calves, but this was cancelled by a dip of €43/head in the price of Belgian Blue-cross bulls of the same age.