Decision on straw will hit confidence in tillage
Siobhán Walsh
Tillage Industry Ireland has said the decision by the Minister to seek to suspend the Straw Incorporation Measure has eroded confidence in the sector.
19 July 2024 News
Exclusive: areas of crops applied for chopping in 2024
Here is the breakdown of the crop areas in the Straw Measure which the Minister for Agriculture wants to suspend.
Ireland best in Europe for farm carbon monitoring
A network of 28 carbon flux towers dotted all over the country will generate Ireland-specific information on carbon emissions and sequestration which may influence future farming policies.
Farmers misled on straw scheme
Farmers made key decisions based on the straw scheme this season, as they looked at poor winter crops.
17 July 2024 News
A kick to tillage farmers when they are down
Tillage farmers were furious when they heard that the SIM may be suspended. Many have already started harvesting.
17 July 2024 News
Potatoes, min-till and minding soil in Tipperary
Will Stokes farms in partnership with his father Paddy in Kilsheelan, Co Tipperary.
17 July 2024 News
Farmers chop straw as scheme is pulled
The news that the Straw Incorporation Measure may be pulled came as a shock to tillage farmers this week, especially those chopping straw.
17 July 2024 News
New biodiversity indicator for national farm survey
Satellite data for the 1,000-plus farms in the national farm survey will be used to measure changes in habitats.
More virus resistance and tolerance in winter barley
New winter barley varieties nearly have to carry protection against barley yellow dwarf virus as well as high yield and good grain quality.
13 July 2024 Varieties
New scheme with quotas for nitrates proposed
A trio of policy experts say that major farm scheme changes are needed to achieve step-wise reductions in water pollution from agriculture.
Hurler is coming off the ditch
With 14 varieties of spring barley in seed production farmers are spoiled for choice for the 2025 season.
10 July 2024 Varieties
Recommended lists publication needs to be earlier
In recent years the publication of the recommended lists has been delayed and this is impacting on farmers ability to choose varieties with all the information to hand.
10 July 2024 Varieties