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Katherine's Country: congratulations to An Irish Goodbye
Katherine O'Leary
Amidst all the Oscar nominations for the Irish; only two were to become real statues, writes Katherine O'Leary.
22 March 2023 Ask Miriam
I am heartbroken and finding it hard to move on
I really like a colleague, but 'slagging' at work drove a wedge between us. I'm hurt and don't know how to move on
22 March 2023 Amii
The protracted nature of grief
Although people are resilient, being faced with reminders of a loved one gone from our lives can bring that same pain back as strong as the day it was first felt.
Katherine's Country: a wobble in the weather
It’s all go on the farm with lime, fertiliser, farm yard manure and dirty water being spread on the fields, writes Katherine O'Leary.
15 March 2023 Katherine O'Leary
Should we find out if we are having a baby boy or girl?
I want to find out if we are having a baby boy or girl, but my husband wants a surprise.
15 March 2023 Ask Miriam
Editorial: Mother’s Day reminders of the missing footprints in the snow
Referendum to remove ‘the grossest form of sexual stereotyping’ from the constitution correcting a wrong from a time long passed but much work still to be done to do it right.
15 March 2023 Amii
'My mother-in-law spoils my children'
Dear Miriam, my mother-in-law is spoiling my children; how can I ask her nicely to stop?
8 March 2023 Ask Miriam
Katherine's Country: Ricky and his books
World Book Day was being celebrated in Ricky’s playschool. It opened the conversation about the O’Learys’ favourite books.
8 March 2023 Katherine O'Leary
Editorial: lowering your stress gauge in the garden
For farmers, how much value is there in the mental health advice to get out in nature, when farming by its nature is particularly stressful in the spring?
8 March 2023 Amii
Katherine’s Country: American visitors
As Katherine O’Leary struggles with feeling unwell, a group of Americans visitors help her to get back on track.
1 March 2023 Katherine O'Leary
I’m struggling to support my wife
Dear Miriam, I’m struggling to support my wife and it is now affecting my mental health too.
1 March 2023 Ask Miriam
Research on female leadership shows that two are becoming one
Political research shows that smooth succession can increase performance, legitimacy and stability. Are the Social Democrats the responsible political adults? Asks Amii McKeever
1 March 2023 Amii