Dial before you dig yourself into a hole
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14,617km of pipelines transport natural gas to hospitals, schools, homes and businesses 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This network of pipelines is hidden underground across the country.
29 November 2022 Advertisers' anouncements
Tipperary contractor swears by McConnel Power Arm
Paul Farrell is a first-generation agricultural contractor, based near Clerihan, Clonmel, Co Tipperary. He started his business in 2008 after many years of working for a local contractor.
23 November 2022 Advertisers' anouncements
Dial before you dig a must for Kilkenny farmer
Natural gas is highly flammable so damaging a gas pipeline can cause major disruption, property damage, serious injury or even death.
Legacy of Transformula evident in second-lactation Ottawa cows
A top-performing Holstein herd is reaping the benefits of its calf rearing programme three years on with heifer replacements now in the milking herd.
17 November 2022 Advertisers' anouncements
How to Improve carbon footprint reporting
Carbon footprinting has been hugely significant in supporting the marketing and promotion of Irish beef and dairy around the world. Eleanor Murphy, Origin Green sustainability data and analytics manager, looks at ways it can be improved.
17 November 2022 Advertisers' anouncements
Safety reminders as farm buildings come to the fore
With rapid housing of animals due to inclement weather, ESB Public Safety Manager Michael Murray is asking all farmers to remind themselves risk factors and implement safety checks.
9 November 2022 Advertisers' anouncements
Digital Skills for SMART Farming in Co. Tipperary
The Tipperary BCP Network – Bridging the Digital Divide. Smart Skills for Farming Communities (Tipperary) – Connecting Farmers in a Digital Age
31 October 2022 Advertisers' anouncements
Co Carlow taking community gardening to new heights with URBACT Ru:rban project
This European project provides mentoring services and cross-cultural learning opportunities to help regions develop community and urban gardens.
28 October 2022 Advertisers' anouncements
Optimise dry off for a successful lactation
Research has clearly demonstrated the link between infection during the dry cow period and subsequent clinical mastitis and elevated somatic cell counts (SCC) in early lactation.
27 October 2022 Advertisers' anouncements
Search is on to find the next generation of talent
Applications for Bord Bia’s international graduate programme are now open and Bord Bia is on the hunt for the next generation of talent.
26 October 2022 Advertisers' anouncements
More Irish beef and sheepmeat on the market
Seamus McMenamin, sheep sector manager, and Mark Zeig, beef sector manager, Bord Bia, review Irish beef and sheepmeat exports this year and what is being done to promote them.
21 October 2022 Advertisers' anouncements
Combating rising feed prices with improved gut health
According to Teagasc, September saw the price of composite feed rise to €476/t, up €94. As feed equates to 76% of the cost of pig production, farmers are trying to improve feed conversion rates.
20 October 2022 Advertisers' anouncements