Information on farm building design and construction.

Getting winter ready with animal housing
Martin Merrick
Before livestock head back in to sheds, it’s important that any necessary repairs are carried out.
 Downturn in farm building works due to TAMs delays
27 September 2023 Buildings
Downturn in farm building works due to TAMs delays
The weakening of farm milk cheques, as well as the TAMS debacle, has resulted in a major slowdown of farm building work this year.
Planning permission figures unaffected by opening of TAMS III
26 September 2023 News
Planning permission figures unaffected by opening of TAMS III
The amount of planning permissions granted for quarter two of 2023 is almost identical to that of the same period last year, despite the opening of TAMS III.
On the right track with Wopa hoof crate
Martin Merrick takes a look at a tracked hoof crate that hoof trimmer Michael Bannon has been running for the past few months.
20 September 2023 Buildings
Creosote alternatives: the options and prices
With a good deal of farm fencing to be completed in the next few months, Martin Merrick looks at some of the alternatives of the now banned creosote products.
13 September 2023 Buildings
Short time frame for priority approval for TAMS slurry storage
Farmers must have their appeal posted before Thursday to ensure they are considered for the priority approval for nutrient storage and animal welfare investments.
12 September 2023 News
All eligible tranche 1 TAMS applications to be accepted
The decision comes as some farmers have been left months awaiting word on TAMS applications.
8 September 2023 News
ICMSA secures ‘fast forward’ on TAMS approvals for slurry storage
The association also stated that it has secured a commitment that payment dates will be made as per previous payment schedules from 2024 onwards, but is still pushing for 2023's dates to be restored.
7 September 2023 News
TAMS delays push farmers to invest without grants – IFA
Delays in the Department's processing of TAMS applications is seeing farmers having to invest in buildings without grant aid, IFA chairs maintain.
6 September 2023 News
Minister rows back on levy for precast concrete
The Minister confirmed the changes to the defective concrete blocks levy on Wednesday morning.
6 September 2023 News
Cattle slats fall foul of concrete levy
As a result of the concrete levy, precast products manufactured from ready mix concrete are being increased in price.
5 September 2023 News
Farm Buildings: Your reader questions answered
The level of questions relating to TAMS III is growing, which is not surprising given there is a lack of information on many aspects of the scheme.
30 August 2023 Buildings