The Irish Farmers Journal is published by The Agricultural Trust (which is a Company Limited by Guarantee). Its only mandate is to provide the best possible technical support, market information and news to the agricultural sector. The company doesn’t have a share capital. No dividends are paid and the directors don’t receive remuneration for fulfilling their role as directors.

All profits are invested in meeting the Trust’s objectives - to enhance the competitiveness of Irish farming and the well-being of those engaged in the sector.

Since its establishment in 1948, the Irish Farmers Journal has been working with Irish farmers and the agricultural industry, to encourage and sustain a prosperous farm economy in Ireland. The creation of The Agricultural Trust in 1964 has allowed the paper to develop as the unbiased voice for progress and development on Irish farms.

The company structure allows the Irish Farmers Journal the unique opportunity to confirm its commitment to its readers by supporting agricultural development projects each year. Irish Farmers Journal surplus funds are always destined for re-investment into science-based information support for Irish farming.

But it is through the weekly message of progressive farming skills, news, and technology, that the ‘bible’ is best known among farming households and agri-business circles. The Irish Farmers Journal's message has always been that of sourcing the best in farming and related technologies, and helping to mould them to Irish conditions. The challenge is as real today as it was over forty years ago. The benefits for Irish farmers are no less tangible. For an industry and a nation, they are clearly visible.

Knowledge provides the base for all progress. The Irish Farmers Journal continues to provide the focus for open debate on agricultural development as the best source of information for the Irish agricultural industry and the families dependent on it.