Better 10 seconds late than 30 years early
Damien O'Reilly Columnist
Whether an ill-fitted home office or a silage field; you need to take the extra time to stay safe and healthy, writes Damien O'Reilly.
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HSA will take 'robust action' on individuals taking part in farm pranks
The Health and Safety Authority (HSA) has said videos of farm workers carrying out pranks on farm machinery are shocking.
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Calls for unannounced COVID-19 inspections in meat plants
Sinn Féin's Brian Stanley has said factory management should not be given a heads up if the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) is going to inspect the plant.
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Multi-species mixtures: variety is the spice of life
Multi-species grassland mixtures are being talked about a lot. Visiting groups to Teagasc Johnstown Castle in 2019 all insisted on a visit to our mixture experiments.
Dairy markets: New Zealand milk production continues slowdown
Dry weather in New Zealand over recent months has curtailed milk supply due to tighter grass supplies.
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Other co-ops should follow Aurivo’s lead on price – IFA
The IFA's Tom Phelan has said that dairy markets have been heavily impacted by COVID-19 since February.
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Save money and hassle on electricity bills
Free online service saves farmers’ time, money and energy through switching energy providers
Chlorine-free protocols for cleaning milking equipment
Chlorine will not be used in milking equipment cleaning products by the end of this year.
Bord Bia market insight: COVID-19 still significantly affecting meat markets
The coronavirus pandemic has been causing turmoil in beef and sheep meat markets around the world.
Use DoxstarPro to kill docks before silage is cut
There is a clear economic benefit in killing docks in silage swards before the silage is cut. Docks severely damage silage yield and quality.
Top tips for dealing with your contractor during a pandemic
Peter Thomas Keaveney and Gary Abbott offer some dos and don’ts when it comes to dealing and interacting with your agricultural contractor over the busy silage season.
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Valtra-Valmet 8950:a modern working classic?
Gary Abbott looks into the history of Valtra's Valmet – the flagship of its era, and why it finds itself as such a highly sought after modern working classic.
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