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Coronavirus Level 5: how marts will work
ICOS, the main body representing the marts, has issued guidance to mart managers and farmers as to how marts will operate during Level 5 lockdown.
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Clipping cattle at housing time
Declan Marren looks at the benefits of clipping cattle after housing for the winter period.
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Thrive: planning the last few weeks at grass
As grass growth declines and ground conditions deteriorate, grass utilisation on many farms is starting to suffer.
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Grass+ Beef: end of grazing season in sight for most farms
Beef farms across the country have started to house cattle in many cases, with younger or lighter cattle remaining at grass where possible.
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Thrive: dairy calf to beef weekly roundup
Declan Marren outlines what has been happening this week on the Thrive dairy calf to beef demonstration farm in Cashel, Co Tipperary.
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In pictures: bullocks in demand in Tuam
A large entry of bullocks for Monday's sale in Tuam saw good appetite for quality stock, while heifers were slightly easier on the day.
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Improve cooling efficiency & reduce energy requirements with Fullwood Packo
Our cooling solutions are the quality choice for Irish Dairy Farmers. Packo Cooling has been designing and producing milk-cooling tanks in Belgium, Ireland and China since the 1960s.
On the road to the future of farming with technology steering the way
A growing global population is adding an ever-increasing pressure on to the world’s agriculture industry as it must produce more and faster, all the while with less space, less time and conditions.
CalfChat opinion divided on pros and cons of automatic v manual calf feeding
Farmer opinion is divided on whether automatic or manual feeding is better for calf rearing, with many rearers believing that the management of a system is more important than the method used.
Use of antibiotics at dry off: a changing landscape
The blanket use of antibiotic dry cow therapy (ADCT) will no longer be the norm on Irish dairy farms, from January 2022, due to changes in EU regulations.