Queally beef barons pay themselves a €9m dividend
The Waterford family own the Arrow Group, which paid out €9m in dividends to its shareholders for 2017.
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Winter 2018 fodder options for beef farms
With many farmers worried about fodder stocks for winter 2018, Adam Woods takes a look at important steps to take and some options that could help to boost supplies.
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Grass+: rain teases but much more needed
The average growth rate across the country is now at 23kg DM/ha/day, a sixth consecutive drop in growth rate in as many weeks.
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Vet's corner: heat issues causing stress for man and beast
Heat stress can adversely affect fertility in both stock bulls and cows, as well as causing severe stress to all animals, writes Donal Lynch.
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A guide to special and upcoming sales in the coming weeks
a guide to special and upcoming sales in the coming weeks around the country.
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Your Association. Your Voice – Get Involved in IFA
The IFA is about farmers, standing together, supporting each other. I encourage all farmers to get more actively involved in what IFA does, to strengthen the IFA and ensure we are fully representative
Liming – what a difference a year makes!
Trevor Boland from Sligo won a lime and nutrient management plan worth €2,500 in the 2017 Smart Farming Competition.
Improving your Oilseed Rape Harvest Management
This season more than ever correct pre-harvest Roundup® Brands desiccation will be essential for growers.
Saving money while reducing the workload
“It definitely saves money, a healthy cow is a profitable cow. If you have to get the vet to clean out a cow it delays breeding, it delays everything.” Mike McCarthy is farming in Co. Limerick.