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Beef Plan members vote to remove founders as chairmen
The turmoil within Beef Plan is still ongoing as they seek to “get their house in order”.
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Five steps to planning for spring turnout
Kieran Mailey outlines five steps to plan ahead for turning cattle out to grass this spring.
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Cut suckler cows or hold what we have? IFA climate conference debate
The question put to the top table was should cattle numbers in Ireland be cut given what we know about methane and its impact on global warming, writes Jack Kennedy.
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Farm Finance: slow year for silage sales as demand remains low
The majority of round baled silage is selling at about €20/bale, but slightly higher prices are being achieved in the south.
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Comment: Are €uro-Star index values moving too much?
Adam Woods spoke to Alan Twomey from Teagasc who, along with the ICBF, has been carrying out some research into stars and whether BDGP is working or not.
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Cattle prices: strong trade for higher numbers at Balla Mart
The trade at Balla Mart on Saturday was strong for a large entry of over 700 cattle. Farmer buyers and agents were particularly active for all good-quality lots.
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Mitsubishi Motors hybrid electric event
At the Mitsubishi hybrid electric event, you’ll get all the information you need from the world’s best-selling plug-in hybrid electric vehicle brand.
Colostrum Management "I don't have time for scouring calves" says Wicklow farmer
Colostrum is the single most important nutrient for the newborn calf as it contains high levels of energy, growth promoters, vitamins and immunoglobulins.
Reduce labour next spring, vaccinate early this winter
Now is the time to plan to reduce the workload in the busy spring and introduce some laboursaving solutions to make life easier and more effective for both man and beast.
Powering the future with Marshill Renewables
Marshill Renewables is seeking farmers and land-owners to rent their land for the construction of wind turbines in the Republic of Ireland.