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What to expect from the addition of calf welfare equipment to TAMS II
Darren Carty
Minister Charlie McConalogue announced on Wednesday that tranche 21 of TAMS, which opens on Saturday 16 January, will incorporate items from the 2020 Calf Investment Scheme.
Beef management: five tips for spreading slurry in early spring
With the slurry season opening in parts of the country, Kieran Mailey outlines some tips for making best use of the slurry applications in early spring.
BDGP Application deadline and getting ready for calving 2021
Adam Woods takes a look at the upcoming BDGP application deadline, getting ready for calving and factory prices vs mart prices.
Listen: Farm Tech Talk livestock podcast
As prices for beef, sheep and milk rise, we talk about what's happening around the country.
Bord Bia meat seminar: patience needed on Irish beef access to China
Adam Woods reports from Friday morning’s Bord Bia meat seminar, at which Bord Bia outlined some important updates and markets for 2021.
Thrive: housed heifers struggle to leave a positive margin
Declan Marren looks at the production performance and economics of the last eight heifers slaughtered on the Thrive demo farm.
Now is the ideal time to soil sample
Soil fertility is the foundation to any good grass based system.
Thrive: preparing for calf arrival
The Thrive programme farms are already busy planning for the arrival of this year’s batch of calves.
80% of BDGP participants opt in for extra year
Adam Woods has the details on the latest number of BDGP applications received by the Department of Agriculture
The Evolution S4 saves time, reduces labour and ensures precision calf feeding
Dairy farmer Ciaran MacDonald tells us about some of the benefits that he has seen since installing a JFC Agri Evolution S4 automatic calf feeder.
Why a Cork vet recommends vaccinating in the winter
Willie Buckley is a veterinary practitioner at Riverview Veterinary Group in Bandon. When an annual IBR programme became available, many of the practice’s herds switched over to it.
Agricultural mechanisation: evolution of the combine harvester
At its core, the primary principle of the founding fathers of the modern New Holland was to make life easier for farmers.
Specialist growers and mechanisation the future of vegetable production
Lorcan Bourke, fresh produce and potato manager for Bord Bia, analyses a sector made up of different crop types but common challenges.
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