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Dairy management: the argument for zero nitrogen on clover paddocks
Opinion on how best to manage clover swards is divided, Aidan Brennan takes a look at the issues.
Dairy management: how to work out your nitrates position
Aidan Brennan looks at how farmers can find out if they will be affected by the new changes in the nitrates programme.
Dairy Trends: riding the high peak of commodity prices
Slowdown in demand from China continued in May, as US production is also down.
NI Milk League: five months on top for Glanbia Ireland
Glanbia Ireland continues to dominate NI milk leagues, having finished on top for May.
Lessons from a successful clover farmer
Aidan Brennan reports from the Positive Farmers Conference, where former Irish Farmers Journal reporter Peter Young outlined his approach to managing clover.
Grass+ Dairy: rain has come but growth is slow
Most of the country has got heavy rain over the last week but grass growth rates continue to lag, write Aidan Brennan and Martin Merrick.
Know your summer dosing regimen
Natascha Meunier from Animal Health Ireland takes a look at some animal health tips for June on livestock farms.
Do dairy cows need a summer worm dose?
The popularity of the mid-season dairy cow worm dose has increased in recent years, but is it necessary, asks Aidan Brennan.
Newford Farm: 10 week breeding season draws to a close
From the 82 cows put forward for breeding 61 cows were inseminated once, 19 cows received one repeat insemination and three cows were inseminated on three occasions.
Thrive weekly roundup: focusing on forage in Kildare and demo farm update
This week's dairy-beef programme roundup has an update from Michelle Curley in Prosperous, Co Kildare, while the rain has arrived just in time on the demo farm in Tipperary.
Thrive: weekend rainfall eases grazing pressure on demo farm
For those in the south of the country, like the Thrive demonstration farm in Cashel, Co Tipperary, last weekend's rainfall was a welcome sight and will have started to relieve the pressure for grass.
Tullamore Farm: end of the breeding season in sight
There is plenty happening on Tullamore Farm at the moment between breeding coming to a close, bulls being drafted for slaughter and the first lambs being killed.
Kverneland Balers – heavy silage, heavy-duty balers
With the grass season in full swing, Kverneland balers are doing their fair share of work in the field.
Seven considerations when selecting and feeding fat supplements
Dr Richard Kirkland, global technical manager for Volac Wilmar Feed Ingredients, outlines seven considerations dairy producers should have when selecting fat supplements.
Farm safely – stay safe by staying clear of overhead electricity wires
Michael Murray, ESB Networks public safety manager, has some vital advice for farmers and contractors ahead of the busy silage season.
Good silage starts in the field but finishes in the clamp
Fermentation relies on bacteria utilising sugars in the grass, but depending on the species of bacteria carrying out the process, the end products will differ.
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