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Farmers want solution to milk review withdrawal
Farmers are keen to see Arrabawn and Aurivo participate in the KPMG/Irish Farmers Journal annual milk price review.
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Dairy management: deferred grazing of August surplus
Aidan Brennan has some advice for farmers who are finding themselves with surplus grass in August.
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WATCH: Farm Tech Talk - the Livestock Show
It's heading for the middle of August and it's all go for weaning sucklers, breeding sheep and baling straw, writes Jack Kennedy.
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2020 Grassland Farmer of the Year competition launched
There is €30,000 in prize funds and closing date for receipt of entry forms is 31 August 2020, writes Aidan Brennan
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Sweetgrass® - a high-nitrogen fertiliser with added sodium produced by Gouldings
As summer growth hits its peak, grass naturally becomes more fibrous, making it less palatable and digestible for grazing. Fibre content can rise from 35% in leafy grass to 50% in stemmy grass.
Planning animal health - don't miss our webinar
Want to know the benefits of animal health planning and what it could mean for your dairy business? Tune into our webinar
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Global dairy trade: supply level but demand tricky
Watching trends in global milk supply and demand is key when you play on the world market like Ireland does, writes Jack Kennedy.
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Casein in the Irish dairy industry
Margaret Butler, dairy ingredients manager, Bord Bia explains the importance of one of the less well known products in the dairy industry.
Irish Shows Association Virtual Show 2020 - the show must go on(line)!
2020 is a very different year for our showing community and the Irish Shows Association has been inspired to adapt to the new normal and look to technology to keep the show on the road.
COVID-19 is changing food choices for good
Rory McDonnell, head of strategic insight and planning at Bord Bia, examines some of the changing consumer habits as a result of COVID-19.
Bonanza Calf Nutrition key points to be aware of preparing for calves at grass
We are improving our calf management year-on-year; refining it, focusing on new aspects, raising the target bar.