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Dairy Management: good outlook for growth in areas that got rain
Aidan Brennan says that even though rainfall has been hit and miss thus far, most farms are in a good position, with a positive outlook for growth.
Dairy Management: dealing with hot weather and sick cows
Cows need plenty of access to fresh, clean water during hot weather, says Aidan Brennan.
Kerry Group half-year results show post-COVID-19 bounce
Kerry Group announced positive interim financial statements for the half year ended 30 June 2021.
Fertiliser price surge continues as CAN up over 70%
Prices for Calcium Ammonium Nitrate (CAN) fertiliser are estimated to have increased by over 70% on last autumn’s prices.
The Grass Week: grass quality and fertiliser application
Now is the time to make a plan for your last two applications of nitrogen for 2021, writes John Crowe.
Grass+: rain arrives for some while others wait
John Crowe and Declan Marren discuss grass availability and grazing targets as growth is predicted to rise.
Sustainability a common trait in all farms visited
Aidan Brennan reviews the credentials of the finalists in the Kerry Agribusiness Quality and Sustainability Awards.
Family farm partnership in Abbeydorney
Aidan Brennan profiles the finalists in the Kerry Agribusiness Quality & Sustainability Awards.
Thrive: demonstration farm suffers a casualty
One of the finishing bullocks, within six weeks of slaughter, died on the Thrive demonstration farm this week. Declan Marren reports.
From the Tramlines: growers take stock of winter barley performance
Stephen Robb talks to growers from counties Cork, Derry and Meath, where the winter barley harvest is either under way or completed.
NI Sheep Programme: dry conditions provide a grazing famine or feast
The dry conditions in July have seen contrasting grazing conditions on the programme farms, as Kieran Mailey reports.
Thrive weekly roundup: feeding meal to calves at grass and Roscommon farm visit
This week's dairy-beef programme roundup discusses whether meal can be cut out of calves diets for the next few weeks, as well as a visit to Diarmuid Murray in Roscommon.
Reseeding: seven steps to a successful autumn reseed.
The window of opportunity for grassland reseeding was limited earlier this season. The current grass growth conditions will lend themselves to an encouraging reseeding opportunity this autumn.
Don’t give docks a second chance
Unfavourable weather conditions in late April and during the first half of May limited the opportunities for a pre-harvest herbicide application to dock-infested silage swards.
Tillage farmers getting set for autumn drilling
Seedtech is hosting its trade walks in trial grounds in Faithlegg, Co Waterford, which will bring news from its extensive research trials programme.
Protect your future yields with Zoetis
Infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR) is a hidden disease in many beef and dairy herds, and one that can prove costly.
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