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'Milk price can make or break new entrants'
Speaking to the Irish Farmers Journal, Tipperary-based farm designer Aidan Kelly details the influx of dairy entrants seeking advice from his company Agri Design and Planning Services.
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Dairylink: selective dry cow therapy in Tyrone
Selective dry cow therapy is carried out on Richard Marshall’s farm near Omagh. Peter McCann reports
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Farm Finance: little variation in nationwide price of lime
With autumn being an ideal time to apply lime and autumn reseeding presently taking place, we take a look at the costs involved with spreading lime.
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Grass+Dairy: maintaining grass quality is still a priority
With good grass growth and grazing conditions around the country, it’s important not to lose track of grass quality, writes Stephen Connolly.
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Video: tackling clinical mastitis
When investigating mastitis, there are three areas we need to look at: the environment, the teat and the immunity of the cow.
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Dairy trends: German milk production shows continued weakness
German milk production has slowed significantly over recent months, while French production is also down.
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Carpool in the Country: Connemara Hill Lamb
In the Connemara mountains, the lambs that roam them produce a flavour so unique that they have gained a European Protected Geographical Indicator (PGI) status. We meet the farmer behind it all.
Big savings for early bird quad seekers
This August the early bird will catch the worm when it comes to saving money on the Honda quad range!
€8,100 savings on the Meegan farm in Co Meath
Gerard and Martin Meegan from Navan took the Smart Farming challenge recently. They identified over €8,100 in cost savings and ways to reduce their climate impact by almost 5%.
Exclusive reader offer! Up to €1,000 off Stanley and Rayburn range cookers
The Irish Farmers Journal is offering readers an exclusive offer of up to a €1,000 off Stanley and Rayburn range cookers for the month of August.