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Tillage sector returns to outdoor events
Siobhán Walsh
Goldcrop held its annual open days this week and those the Irish Farmers Journal spoke to were delighted to be back in the fields meeting colleagues.
Tillage Management: getting quickly to the end of the season
Crops have moved quickly through heading and into flowering, making it time for final fungicides on most crops.
Tillage management: weather window helped get work up to date
The few fine days helped get a lot of work up to date and now final sprays on winter oats and some winter wheat crops are the main jobs, along with growth regulation on spring wheat and oats.
Four varieties dropped and one added to 2021 winter oilseed rape list
This year’s 2021 winter oilseed rape recommended list sees four varieties dropped and one variety provisionally added.
Griffith NSW is a long way from Ballyhaunis
Access to irrigation water is a major factor as to the crop or land use options available to farmers around Griffith.
Principles behind successful straw incorporation
Successful straw incorporation will bring short- and long-term benefits, as well as some risks, so it is essential to understand the objectives, writes Andy Doyle.
Wholesaler ceases sale of wildflower mixtures due to blackgrass contamination
Germinal has ceased the sale of wildflower mixtures grown in England as some seed was found to be contaminated with blackgrass. Stephen Robb and Siobhán Walsh report.
Newford Farm update: bullocks averaging 505kg and heifers 484kg
The target is to draft a high percentage of heifers off grass without concentrate feeding from the end of July onwards.
Thrive weekly round-up: controlling grass supply and quality
This week's Thrive dairy-beef programme round-up concentrates on maintaining grass supply and grazing quality, as high grass growth rates are experienced across the country.
Tullamore Farm: fertility problems with the stock bull
The stock bull was found to be infertile on Tullamore Farm this week. Declan Marren speaks to farm manager Shaun Diver on how it was discovered.
Thrive: managing grass quality
Declan Marren provides an update from the Thrive demonstration farm, where steps are being taken to manage grass quality as seed heads emerge across the farm.
Tillage farmers getting set for autumn drilling
Seedtech is hosting its trade walks in trial grounds in Faithlegg, Co Waterford, which will bring news from its extensive research trials programme.
Protect your future yields with Zoetis
Infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR) is a hidden disease in many beef and dairy herds, and one that can prove costly.
Community benefit a key theme from Shaping Our Electricity Future consultation
EirGrid, operator of the national electricity grid, will next week close its nationwide consultation on Shaping Our Electricity Future.
This is why you should check the knives in your diet feeder regularly
It is important to regularly check the knives in your diet feeder for wear and tear. Damaged or worn knives may result in a host of unforeseen costs.
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