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Health special: screening tests that could save your life
Margaret Hawkins
Screening tests can catch a health condition even before it starts causing symptoms. Here are the top preventive measures for women, writes Margaret Hawkins.
A Week In The Country
10 April 2024 Craft
A Week In The Country
Find out what caught the eye of the Irish Country Living team this week.
Desperate Farmwife: the time has come to fly the coop
10 April 2024 Features
Desperate Farmwife: the time has come to fly the coop
For years, our Desperate Farmwife stayed home with smallies while her husband saw the world. Now, it's her turn.
Gardening with Gerry: striking Sycamore
People are often surprised to learn that the sycamore is not a native tree, and yet it has found its home in many large gardens in the countyside, writes Gerry Daly
10 April 2024 Gardening
Health special: 10 tips to keep your health in check
Being proactive about looking after your health can prevent a lot of problems down the line, so it pays to be healthcare savvy with these ten tips, writes Margaret Hawkins.
10 April 2024 Health
Giving the gift of life to her father – Wexford woman’s living kidney donation
Trish Boyce from Co Wexford donated a kidney to her father, dialysis patient John Boyce, in December 2022. Fifteen months on, ‘Team Boyce’ is doing well, writes Margaret Hawkins.
10 April 2024 Health
Health special: coping with the unexpected side of farming
Farmers are facing challenges on a number of fronts due to the continuing deluge of rain. Many feel stressed and anxious, but there is help at hand, writes Sarah McIntosh.
10 April 2024 Health
Meet the Maker: Catherine Cocollos
In this week’s Meet the Maker, Grace Hanna chats to artist and truffle farmer Catherine Cocollos about her artistic journey and how she found solace in painting after a cancer diagnosis.
10 April 2024 Craft
From Argentina to Kerry - it's time to Tango
When Argentinian couple Pamela Neumann and Facundo Rodulfo moved to Kerry, they could not have anticipated the success (and stuggles) they would savour at Tango Street Food, writes Maria Moynihan.
3 April 2024 Features
Healthbytes: keep informed with the latest health news
Check out all the developments in the world of healthcare with this month’s Healthbytes, writes Margaret Hawkins.
3 April 2024 Health
Ann Devine: excitement about the new priest
When Ann Devine’s parish priest is moved to Dublin, a new young priest stirs excitement, writes Colm O’Regan.
3 April 2024 Features
Kitty’s Kitchen Garden: sowing the seeds of love this April
As part of a new monthly column on vegetable growing in Ireland, Kitty Scully will be guiding us on growing a thriving kitchen garden.
3 April 2024 Gardening