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Successful trial on sheep herding with drones
The sheep are being trained through positive reinforcement instead of using scare tactics.
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Getting to grips with temporary grazing agreements
Surplus grass and a trickier short-term outlook for finishing store lambs is raising interest in temporary grazing agreements.
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Time to be finalising autumn grazing plans
Mid-season lambing flocks have a few weeks before the first paddocks for grazing next spring will be closed, but flocks lambing earlier need to act now to have grass available next spring.
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Sheep farm walk: time to assess finishing plans for lambs
Lambs should be weighed now and the weights collated. This will determine what options are available to finish lambs, while ensuring grass supplies are prioritised for ewes.
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Monitoring breeding progress and ensuring ram lambs are up to the task
It is important to monitor the activity of rams when joined with ewes, as it is not unknown for rams to raddle ewes but not serve correctly.
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SheepWatch: more variable trade at the marts
The finished lamb market is variable, depending on the level of flesh on lambs, but the stores are a little easier for heavy types.
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Make the most out of the dry period and improve udder health during lactation
The dry period is the main time at which mastitis infections are acquired on many Irish farms with infections entering the udder via the teat end
Life gets much easier for a suckler farmer in Co Clare
Paul Crowe is a farmer who needed better calving facilities. He realised that outside of the traditional financing methods, there are more suitable options available, including the Cultivate loan.
Leading renewable energy show returns with dedicated farm diversification advice
Energy & Rural Business Show Ireland comes from the creators of Energy Now Expo Ireland which will celebrate three years of success in October 2019.
Kick Start supplier development at Lidl
In 2017, Lidl developed Kick Start, a supplier development programme in conjunction with Bord Bia to give Irish food and drink suppliers the chance to showcase their products and grow their business