AIB shed talks: 'a lot of guys bought their way out of trouble'
As part of the AIB shed talks at this year’s Ploughing championships, a discussion on fodder was held each day.
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Mobile handling units – what’s the support?
With a raft of mobile handling equipment available to farmers we examine the support available through TAMS.
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Fodder deficit declines as growth picks up
The Irish Farmers Journal specialists report from the fields where farmers are doing different things to grow more fodder.
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Paddocks improving lamb performance in Co Tyrone
A new paddock set-up has allowed sheep farmer Isaac Crilly to grow and utilise more grass on his Co Tyrone farm. Kieran Mailey reports.
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Calculating the Towing Capacity of a Vehicle
What is towing capacity? The Towing Capacity (or towable mass) is the maximum weight that a vehicle can tow according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
Is your ram up to the job? A full MOT and the importance of BCS for your flock
Sheep editor Darren Carty and journal vet Tommy Heffernan cover some key topics that affect our flocks in autumn.
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Sheep trends: prices steady but pressure mounting
Lamb prices are holding steady, but factories continue to reduce quotes.
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Your guide to the 2018 National Ploughing Championships
From September 18-20, Screggan, Tullamore will transform for the 87th annual National Ploughing Championships. Here’s everything you need to know & what you just can’t miss if you’re heading to Offaly
Hit the Ploughing Championships with Marty Mone at the Bayer Marquee
Meet country and western singer Marty Mone at the Bayer marquee this September
Visit the IFA at the National Ploughing Championships 2018
BLOCK 2, ROW 12, STAND 262 The IFA offers a range of information, advice and registration opportunities for members over the course of the Ploughing Championships.