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No basis for negative sheep market comment from factories - IFA
Amy Forde
“Demand from factory agents and wholesalers is strong in the marts, with prices particularly for heavier lambs and cull ewes above what some factories are offering,” Seán Dennehy said.
Sheep Management: silage quality, grassland management and nematodirus reminder
Some farms may not be in a position to close silage ground yet but plans should be in place to be ready to move once grass supplies allow.
NI Sheep Programme: mid-season lambing round-up
With mid-season lambing in full swing, Kieran Mailey gives an update from some of the upland and hill flocks in the programme.
Sheep Trends: factories trying to pull prices back
There is a void of information with factories not quoting a price for Thursday and doing a range of deals influenced by the relationship with the seller, numbers involved and quality of sheep on offer
NI trends: beef trade steadies after recent price increases; sheep trade easing
The beef trade in Northern Ireland has steadied, but remains extremely strong across prime cattle and cull cows. Prices for lambs and hoggets has eased.
Lambing nearing an end on Tullamore Farm
The farm has recorded a positive lambing season with just 11 ewes left to lamb and mortality running at about 8% so far.
Top-quality silage can greatly reduce winter feed costs
Concentrate costs are one of the most significant costs in sheep systems and this is influenced strongly by lower feed-value forage being available for ewes in late gestation and early lactation.
How to tell the difference between coccidiosis and nematodirus
Both diseases have the potential to cause significant disease in lambs and are often confused due to similar symptoms.
Department and merchants go to war on medicine regulations
The Independent Licenced Merchant Association is threatening legal action with the Department of Agriculture, as the Department prepares to roll out the new medicine changes.
Thrive: preparing calves for weaning
Should calves be weaned by age, weight or how much meal they are eating? Declan Marren looks at some of the key targets for calves in the weeks prior to weaning off milk.
Farm improvements at Drumforber
This week Robert Gilchrist speaks to with Andrew Gammie about the improvements he has implemented on his farm during the Farm Profit Programme.
From the Tramlines: dry in the south and east, wet in the north
Stephen Robb talks to growers from counties Tipperary, Donegal and Kildare where conditions couldn’t be any more different. Crops in the south and east need rain while crops in the need dry weather
Improving fertility and feed efficiency
James King runs a mainly autumn-calving herd in Ballymena, Co Antrim. Peter McCann reports.
Stay safe by staying clear of overhead electricity wires
Michael Murray, ESB Networks public safety manager, outlines the dangers of working under overhead electricity wires and highlights important safety advice.
Upgrading lines, upgrading lives: the Kildare-Meath Grid Upgrade
EirGrid faces the twin challenges of meeting increasing demand for electricity while at the same time ensuring that we move to green, renewable sources of generation, such as wind and solar power.
Millions available for home adaptation grants
Did you know that mobility aid can cover 95% of the cost of a new mobility bathroom? Local authorities have supports in place for people with decreased mobility due to age, disability or injury.
Tough times call for affordable reliability
In these testing times, how do you balance ambitions for greater sustainability with the need for increased productivity? How can you work smarter, but at an affordable price?
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