Northern Ireland

The latest Northern Ireland farming news and developments from the Farmers Journal. Keep up to date with all farming and production news developments in Northern Ireland.

BETTER farm NI: focusing on the changes inside the farm gate
Three of the BETTER Farm NI participants will feature in a free webinar on 11 March to outline their journey under the programme. Kieran Mailey gives some background to the farms to be featured.
Focus on efficiency lifts GM/ha by 67% in Northern Ireland
As the BETTER Farm NI programme reaches its conclusion, Kieran Mailey outlines what it delivered for the farmers involved
BETTER farm NI: gross margin rise of £401/ha during programme
As the BETTER farm NI programme draws to a close, gross margin has increased by £401/ha across all farms since 2016.
BETTER farm NI: £518 increase in GM/ha on bull finishing farms
This week, programme adviser Darryl Boyd analyses the profitability of the five farms finishing male cattle as young bulls.
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