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60% of cows calved at CAFRE Greenmount
In just four weeks, up to 60% of the suckler herd has calved at CAFRE's Abbey Farm. Programme adviser Daryl Boyd reports.
Setting up a paddock grazing system
Paddock grazing has been the best way to manage grazing swards on the programme farms. Kieran Mailey outlines some tips for setting up paddocks.
Watch: two-thirds of cows calved in six weeks in Co Armagh
With 67% of his spring-calving herd calved in six weeks, Portadown farmer Mark Lewis is now looking to get cows out to grass.
Watch: spring calving and grazing under way in Co Derry
Spring calving is in full swing on Jonathan Blair's farm, with the grazing season also under way for replacement heifers.