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Schemes update: 550 SCEP applications in first four days
Darren Carty
SCEP figure was disseminated at the Department’s information meeting held on Thursday night in Tuam.
23 March 2023 Schemes
Minister to seek more money for ACRES to accommodate over 50,000 farmers
The Minister for Agriculture has indicated he will seek to expand the number of places open to farmers to enter the ACRES scheme.
22 March 2023 Schemes
Eco scheme mistakes could cost farmers €2,000 each
Departmental follow-up queries with applicants who withdrew their participation in eco schemes show many did so in error.
Keen interest in National Liming Programme
With a potential payment of €16/t of lime approved, it is not surprising that there is strong interest in the recently launched programme.
22 March 2023 Schemes
The tax implications of selling entitlements
Robert Johnson,ifac tax director, outlines important considerations that need to be taken in to account when selling entitlements.
22 March 2023 Schemes
Department confirms new scheme payment dates
The new payment dates, which were proposed at last week's charter meeting, have been confirmed by the Department.
20 March 2023 Schemes
Eco-scheme applications – take care not to withdraw your participation
The Department of Agriculture has come across a number of cases where an applicant withdrew their participation in error which if left unchecked will significantly reduce payments.
19 March 2023 Schemes
Step-by-step: how to apply for the new national liming programme
All applications must be submitted online through the Department of Agriculture’s portal, either by a farmer themselves or an agent approved to act on their behalf.
17 March 2023 Schemes
Young farmers scheme and National Reserve opening imminently
The young farmers scheme offers payments of up to €175/ha while the National Reserve offers an allocation of entitlements or top-up of entitlement values for young farmers and new entrants.
15 March 2023 Schemes
Transfer of entitlements system now open
The online systems for transfers of payment entitlements, National Reserve and Complementary Income Support for Young Farmers are now open.
15 March 2023 Schemes
Department survey exploring organic feed requirement
The aim of the survey is to quantify demand for organic feed, use this information to provide demand forecasts for growers and encourage interaction between livestock and tillage farmers.
13 March 2023 Schemes
Farmer outrage at proposed new scheme payment dates
At a farmers’ charter of rights meeting on Thursday, the Department proposed pushing back the payment dates of key farm schemes.
9 March 2023 Schemes