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Public finances cannot afford white elephants
Colm McCarthy
White elephants are pretend ‘assets’ likely to be stranded and abandoned due to poor utilisation and inability to cover operating costs.
Home Farm:  A mixed week on and off farm
27 September 2023 Viewpoints
Home Farm: A mixed week on and off farm
Ploughing visit – I had a few farm items that I wanted to do, which in my view, needed face to face contact.
Dempsey at Large: The 2023 Ploughing
27 September 2023 Viewpoints
Dempsey at Large: The 2023 Ploughing
One got the impression that President Higgins wanted to be at the Ploughing, and that he went to real trouble to deliver a speech on a topic he believed in.
Facts matter in debate around Lough Neagh
We have to do better around water quality in NI, but others have to step up as well.
27 September 2023 Northern Ireland
A guide to Ireland's political parties
With the registration application of Ireland's 26th political party, Pat O'Toole looks across the current crowded field.
23 September 2023 Opinion
Dempsey at Large: One spray instead of 12
We badly need innovations in this space, without them we in Europe will slip further and further behind in our ability to produce crops competitively.
20 September 2023 Viewpoints
Home Farm: we have swung from high summer to winter
We have excellent regrowth from the second cut silage so we have begun grazing it and we will work our way through it, shifting the electric fences on a daily basis for each group.
20 September 2023 Viewpoints
Colm McCarthy - LNG project is of national significance
It is acknowledged that Ireland will need gas to supplement intermittent renewable electricity generation and space heating in the longer term, perhaps indefinitely.
20 September 2023 Viewpoints
Opinion: Coveney papers over coalition cracks as derogation picture clouds again
Dairy farmers should have had clarity over any potential changes to the derogation much earlier than July. It's essential that the Government gives clarity and certainty now, not false hope.
16 September 2023 Opinion
The temptations facing Minister McGrath in framing Budget 2024 are obvious
The budget projections will still show a surplus, albeit diminished, for 2024.
13 September 2023 Viewpoints
Attitudes must change towards the use of AD
Unlike some alternatives, AD offers reliable and consistent energy from renewables
13 September 2023 Northern Ireland
Home Farm: farming to meet regulations
We are making sure that we meet the regulatory deadlines in having all the slurry out by 30 September and any fertiliser used by 15 September.
13 September 2023 Viewpoints