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Listen: Down to Agribusiness podcast - farm finance and EU imports
Phelim O'Neill
Listen to Anne Finnegan and Phelim O'Neill discuss how farmers can finance spiralling input costs and what proposed EU legislation on importing from deforested regions means.
Farmer Business Developments resumes dividend pay out
After a year of no dividends, Farmer Business Developments plc is to make dividend to shareholders.
NPA to 'bounce back' from €1m losses incurred due to COVID-19 pandemic
The NPA incurred losses of €656,240 for the 12 months to the end of January 2021.
Dairy Trends: butter is now 50% ahead of price paid last year
Farmgate milk price is up and dairy commodities continue to rise, with cheese the exception, writes Jack Kennedy.
COP26: agri adaptation vital for poorer nations in climate change
While there’s hardly been any discussion in Ireland about the adaptation by agriculture to climate change, it’s a real bone of contention at COP26, writes Professor Gerry Boyle.
UK to stagger EU health checks from 1 January
The UK government releases detailed description of how UK border controls will be introduced in 2022
Specific tillage schemes needed under new CAP to stop area decline
Mark Browne has called for specific tillage funding and increases in budgets for schemes already in existence as tillage farmers face large cuts in payments due to convergence.
How is global trade likely to develop through the 2020s?
While Irish farmers have always had to contend with EU trade policy, they must now also live with UK trade policy which will have as great, if not a greater, impact writes Phelim O’Neill.
Brexit shockwaves will be felt this decade and beyond
It took four and a half years for the UK to leave the EU with a basic trade deal and while the full consequences of that have not yet been felt, they will by the end of this decade.
Moocall: top tips for a stress-free calving season
Here are Moocall's essentials that you will need to have ready for when calving season starts and some other tips that can make life a bit less stressful during a busy calving season.
Dairy farmer: ‘I looked at other spreaders and this one was the best’
With skyrocketing fertiliser prices and a growing emphasis being put on the environment, having an accurate, high tech spreader is becoming a must have for many farms.
Reduced SCC and mastitis cases: how this Cork farmer gets cubicle hygiene right
Clean, dry cubicle beds are essential in the fight against mastitis and, according to Eoin O’Carroll from Bennettsbridge Limestone, now is the ideal time to keep the enemy at bay.
Paving the way for dairy sustainability at Vistamilk SFI Research Centre
With Science Week kicking off, we spoke with Vistamilk post-doctoral researcher Jonathan Herron about the advances being made in the area of farm sustainability and technology.
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