Dairylink is a dairy farm advisory program designed with the objective of optimising the use of on farm resources (land, labour etc). Farms involved range in size, stage of development, and soil type. Monitor farms are based in Tyrone, Down and Cavan. Farmers involved benefit from one to one advice and we report weekly on business plans, performance and delivery.

10 key issues in play on Dairylink farms
Jack Kennedy
The Dairylink programme attempts to profile real key issues that are happening on Northern farms many of which are producing milk all year round.
22 December 2021 Dairylink
Dairylink farms do carbon benchmarking
CAFRE technologists Aidan Cushnahan and Michaela Tener, describe the process involved in carbon benchmarking and discuss some of the results achieved.
15 December 2021 Dairylink
Balancing the early-lactation diet
Half the herd of the King farm in Co Antrim are less than 80 days-in-milk.
December start for breeding season
Stephen and Hazel Wallace run an autumn calving system on their Co Down farm.
8 December 2021 Dairylink