Thrive weekly roundup: getting stock back on target and calf-rearing costs
Declan Marren
This week's diary-beef programme roundup has tips for getting stock back on target if there has been a disappointing weight result mid-winter.
25 January 2023 Breeding & health
46% rise in calf-rearing costs since 2021
Calf rearing was once seen as a low-cost system to establish on farm but with rising input costs farmers need to carefully plan purchases this spring.
25 January 2023 Grass & feeding
What to do with dairy-beef stock that have fallen behind target weight
Coming up with a plan as soon as possible once a period of underperformance has been detected is key to minimising the disruption to your production system.
Thrive weekly roundup: stock target weights and milk replacer costs
What should the 2022-born stock weigh this week and how important is a mid-winter weight check. All this, plus details from the 15-page calf focus in this week's paper.
21 January 2023 Management
Thrive: what weight should dairy beef yearlings be today?
A midwinter weighing is really important to ensure dairy beef animals remain on target during the period when most stock fall behind.
18 January 2023 Grass & feeding
Making the most of your ICBF dairy beef weight report
Dairy beef farmers should use the report to identify calves from herds that are performing well and those to avoid ahead of this year’s calf buying season.
14 January 2023 Breeding & health
Thrive: calf price and breed bonus restrict continental dairy beef profits
Calf price on day one and the lack of a breed bonus payment at the point of slaughter are the two main factors working against the continental dairy beef animal.
1 January 2023 Grass & feeding
Thrive: O- cattle leave €250/head lower margin than R- grading animals
Declan Marren examines the financial cost of poorer conformation animals within the Thrive programme.
27 December 2022 Breeding & health
Top third of CBV cattle deliver €31/head more profit
The introduction of the Commercial Beef Value (CBV) has the potential to deliver for both beef farmer and dairy farmer in the future.
21 December 2022 Breeding & health
Thrive: lice issues resurface in treated cattle
Do not let external parasites compromise liveweight gain in cattle this winter.
17 December 2022 Management
Thrive weekly roundup: Christmas weight targets and last grazing on demo farm
This week's dairy calf-to-beef programme update outlines what calves should be weighing by Christmas, while on the demo farm, grazing is over for 2023.
10 December 2022 Management
Thrive: dry conditions allow the last heavy covers to be grazed
Drier weather over the last week has allowed some stock to return outdoors on the demonstration farm to graze off the last remaining heavy covers.
7 December 2022 Grass & feeding