Polish tractor brand Ursus has returned to these shores, where one time it was one of the leading brands. The marque has been re-introduced by Ursus Tractors and Machinery Ireland Ltd, Ramsgrange, New Ross, Co Wexford.

This is the location and premises of Sutton Tractors and Machinery Ltd, headed up by Denis Sutton. He has been involved in the tractor business for a number of decades. In this latest venture though – as importer, distributor and dealer – he has brought two other business partners on-board, both also agricultural machinery dealers. These are Tom Poole of Tom Poole Ltd, Gurteen, Rosenallis, Portlaoise, Co Laois, and Cyril O’Sullivan of Cyril O’Sullivan Tractor Sales, Kilglass, Mitchelstown, Co Cork.

All three are acting as distributors and dealers. Denis said they are seeking to appoint dealers around the country.


Ursus has an interesting line-up of tractors on offer, plus an extensive range of machinery and implements. Most of the tractors are within the 80hp to 110hp power bracket. Ursus lists a three-model all-mechanical (with dry dual-clutch) tractor series running from the 110hp 11014A up to the 180hp 18014A.

Among higher specification tractors listed by the manufacturer are the 105hp Ursus 10014T and the 148hp 15014. The smaller tractor has a Deutz engine with Korean transmission featuring 32-forward and 32-reverse speeds in combination with power-shuttle and three-speed power-shift plus Bosch electronic lift control. Denis expects this tractor to be available in Ireland towards the end of the year.

The 148hp Ursus 15014 is reminiscent of the Steyr 9100/Case IH CS series with a six-cylinder Sisu engine and ZF transmission. Ursus also produces lower specification tractors for ‘developing’ markets.

Irish market

For the Irish market, Ursus Tractors and Machinery Ireland Ltd will initially be offering tractors from two of the ranges. These are the Ursus 8014H, 9014H and 10014H from one range and the Ursus 11054 from another. This provides Ursus Tractors and Machinery Ireland Ltd with tractors from 82hp to 110hp, all powered by Perkins engines.

The smaller three tractors have a lot in common with Turkish Hattat tractors, using their cab and Hema transmissions. This is set to change as Ursus will soon fit its own modern four-post cab on models in this series.

Under the skin of the three smaller models, the Hema transmission and Perkins engines are well-proven elements of the series. Hattat in Turkey produces the tractors and components in Hattat brands as well as Ursus and Valtra.

The Ursus 8014H, 9014H and 10014H are powered by four-cylinder Perkins 1104D Euro IIIA engines developing 82hp, 92hp and 102hp respectively. Transmission is a 12x12 unit with all gear sticks mounted on the right, including a mechanical forward/reverse shuttle stick.

Two PTO speeds of 540/1000rpm are standard and PTO is hand-clutch operated. Four-wheel drive and differential lock are switch-operated electro-hydraulic. Hydraulic pump capacity is quoted at 55 litres/minute, while lift capacity is also good at 4.2t.

The larger Ursus 11054 also features a four-cylinder Perkins 1104D Euro IIIA engine developing 110hp in this model. The 11054 differs from the smaller models as it features a Carraro transmission with 24 forward and 24 reverse speeds.

A dry dual-clutch provides both transmission and PTO clutching function. PTO speeds are a standard 540/1,000rpm. Ursus quotes a higher hydraulic pump output of 62 litres/min. and a higher lift capacity of 4.5t.

Coming from a different range, the Ursus 11054 is a higher specification tractor than it smaller siblings. It is fitted with Ursus’s own new four-post cab fitted and electronic lift control is standard.

On all four models in both series, multi-disc wet brakes are standard and welcome. The pick-up hitch supplier has yet to be finalised, according to Denis, who says they are looking at Dromone, CBM and one other Irish manufacturer.

Introductory offer

Returning Ursus tractors to Ireland will see Ursus Tractors and Machinery Ireland Ltd offering tractors fully equipped with Ursus TUR6 loaders and rear weight box at special introductory prices. Ursus TUR6 loaders feature mechanical parallel linkage, third service and soft-ride as standard.

Nominal loading capacity of the TUR6 loader is quoted at 1,650kg, while maximum loading capacity is quoted at 2,150kg. Lifting height under level bucket is quoted at 3.3m. Denis feels that the weight box is important for tractors of this size to make the combination even more stable.

Prices start at €44,000 including VAT, for the TUR6 loader and weight box on the Ursus 8014H and rises to €47,500 including VAT TUR6 loader and weight box for the Ursus 11054.

Quick drive: Ursus 10014 result is good

In Ursus orange and with TUR6 loader, the Ursus 10014 looks really well. Both tractor and loader look well-built and are well-finished.

Inside it is still very Hattat in appearance, but Ursus will soon put its own stamp on this series with a new four-post cab.

On the road it is comfortable thanks to standard loader soft-ride and the Perkins engine is very responsive. Hema transmission gear changes are very slick and all sticks, including forward/reverse shuttle are fitted to the right.

Quick drive: Ursus 11054 with Eastern feel

The Ursus 11054 and TUR6 loader has a more modern European feel than its smaller siblings with four-post cab design. Inside there is a hint of the old eastern bloc; it’s functional with a bright modern feel.

Electronic lift control is standard and this will appeal to some tractor buyers. The left-hand mechanical shuttle will be welcomed by those doing loader work.

On the road the Ursus 11054 was also comfortable. With more gears to choose from, you will get more out of the Perkins 110hp engine both in-field and on the road.

The Ursus 11054 has a third ‘splitter’ stick to provide a direct increase/decrease in speed in addition to the range and gear levers. While not a power-shift splitter, it is still a useful feature either on-road or in the field.

Ursus machinery on the way

Ursus Tractors and Machinery Ireland Ltd is not limited to tractors. The Ursus line-up also includes balers, dung spreaders, fertilizer spreaders, sprayers, rakes, biomass equipment and much more.

Denis Sutton has brought in a round baler which he has sold locally to a farmer who uses it for picking up grass in a zero-grazing type operation. This baler, an Ursus Z-594 model, is a 4x4 unit with 14-knife chopper.

The baler features rollers in the front section of the baler and a chain and slat arrangement in the tailgate. It is currently priced at €21,000 including VAT.

An Ursus Z-554 single-rotor rake with a working width of 3.5m was also on-site at Ramsgrange. It has nine tine arms with four tines on each arm. Denis says this machine is unique in that it has an adjustable swath board.


Ursus Tractors and Machinery Ireland Ltd can be contacted at:

Tel: 051-388489/087-2298742

Email: denismarysutt@gmail.com

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